If you’re looking for a wonderful memory, a special gift, or a way to celebrate a special moment in your life, there is nothing better or more lasting than a beautiful portrait photo. 

Raw Design Photography offer the following photography session Types; 

*Wedding and Engagement Photography

*Outdoor or Indoor Lifestyle Fine Art Portrait Sessions

All of these photography portrait sessions are unique and give a different look and feel. It is completely up to you. Do you have fond memories of grandma and grandpa's farm, or your mum's garden? How about the park where you had that special day? Do you and your family like the beach? Or do you simply love that handmade quilt on your bed upon which the whole family seem to end up on a Sunday morning? Whatever the memory or preference we can tailor a session to suit you. 

Not sure? That's where Raw Design Photography come into play.

The photography shoot is only part of the journey, creating a theme or style and individualising it to reflect a family's personality is just as important, if not more. This is what we love doing, working with families to create a setting that would be fitting for them. Sourcing props and finding locations, we are creating more than just a photo, we are making memories and in some cases (for the little ones) recreating dreams. It's magical, it's beautiful, it's exciting and we want to take you on this fun journey. 

To find out more about our portrait session types and about photography sessions with Raw Design Photography - please contact us.