A little world of Enchantment

I really love creating a scene for a photoshoot, From the thrill of the very first idea, to making the props, finding a location and then putting it all together. The most exciting part for me is viewing the images for the first time and seeing this little world that has been created and the beauty that comes from children when they play.

This beautiful mother and her boys

I wanted to do something special for this beautiful lady and sister of mine, and although it's only a small gesture, updating her family photos was a special keep sake I could offer her to treasure for always. she is such a wonderful person and does an amazing job bringing up her two handsome boys. Their last family photo was taken when her youngest boy was two years old (now thirteen) so it was high time they were snapped and I was the lucky one to do it. The photo shoot I had in mind soon went out the window as the weather changed, and after visiting two other nearby locations, we ended up at a local park lined with gorgeous trees. 

Kelly & Evelyn

These couple of beauties were easy to hang out with and photograph, thank you so much for the opportunity girls. Evelyn reminds me so much of my own daughter, eager to get going and get amongst it and not interested in getting her photo taken.. Luckily I had a few tricks up my sleeve and we ended up getting some gorgeous photo's in the end. What a beautiful family, I am looking forward to getting some photos' of the whole crew next time.