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Sherwood Arboretum + this girl

My heart swells every time I think of how far this little girl of mine has come. Born four weeks early 2.5kg and 48cm long, Ebony was a fragile little baby with big wide eyes. I am so grateful to this day, for the wonderful midwives and obstetrician that allowed Ebony and I our first moments together for some skin on skin contact. It felt as though we were there snuggled for a good 20mins together, her wide eyes looking up at me, not making a sound. My husband corrects me when I recall this moment as being quite different. One of great urgency, hustle and bustle and no more than a couple of minutes together, before she was taken away by the Neonatal staff at the Wesley hospital, and taken to the Special care Nursery. 

Ebony was kept warm in a baby incubator for 48hours and hooked up to a ventilator for 24hrs. She had various monitors hooked up by cords checking her vitals for the next week and tubes for feeding, as her sucking reflex was developing. During this whole period Ebony showed great strength of character and spirit. The whole time we were there, I was told I would not be taking my little girl home as she was too fragile and would need more specialised care in hospital. I knew differently. To me she was a strong girl, who was not as fragile as she appeared. I would be taking her home, but it would take some work. Every moment I had I was in the special care nursery, working on attachment and breastfeeding. By the end of the week Ebony had gained her birth weight, much to everyones surprise and we were allowed to take her home! I was completely over joyed when I heard those words that I would be able to take her home with me, I have never taken it for granted.  

From those first few moments of life Ebony showed nothing but resilience and strength, which is only fitting, as Ebony means "strength" and "beauty, inside and out". Qualities she continues to use to this day. I couldn't be any more proud of this strong little spirit. So full of character and joy, always willing to try new things. She brings so much love and happiness to our lives. We love you very much.

You can tell when this girl is concentrating... One word. Tongue :o)