Visentin Family

What a fabulous morning with this gorgeous family. I have to admit a teeny tiny  faux pas on my behalf... Ok who am I kidding, it was a MAJOR blunder... When organising to meet the Visentins' at this gorgeous park we walked past a playground to get to our beautiful little location. Yes that's right we walked past a wonderful park full of slippery slides & swings & children playing... With a two year old in tow. Eeeeeeeekkkk what was I thinking I hear you say!? It wasn't even on my radar (& I am a mother of two, I should know better!) I was so excited to show them our wonderful options for family photo's that we walked straight past it.  Needless to say that now we have a little boy who does not want family photo's and would prefer to play in the playground! We all tried our best to coax & bribe him to get his photo taken but in the end we decided to let him go play in the playground and save the shoot until later. I am so glad we did, the photo of Sam & his dad below is one of my favourites from the morning. The joy on this little boys face playing in the playground with his dad is priceless. A wonderful connection, a moment between father & son captured, to keep forever.